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Our First Loves, an interactive storytelling Web site created by the eleven students in Susan “Mango” Curtis and Jeremy Gilbert’s Advanced Interactive Design class.

Verve magazine design

For the final Print Media Design project, we were required to create a magazine, newspaper or Web site for the year 2020. We developed a philosophy for the magazine, as well as a design philosophy and a color swatch palette to accompany it. For the project, we designed a magazine cover, table of contents, 2-page spread, jump page and four department pages.

I’ve included a PDF of my final product, as well as JPGs of the magazine and my design philosophy.

Verve Magazine PDF

Design Philosophy PDF

my first love was the boy next door

This is a Flash animation that I created for

my first love was spaghetti

Interview conducted for
my first love was spaghetti

my first love was my middle school crush

Interview conducted for
My first love was…my middle school crush

HPV Poster

For this Print Media Design project, we were asked to design a poster informing people about HPV.